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Every situation is different, and we listen closely to try and solve your problems.  But below are the two main solutions we use to create win-win situations for our customers and us.  We have many other options and variations if these don't make sense, but these are the two most common.  Please contact us anyways if you are a motivated seller, as even if we can't do business together, we have some good referrals and suggestions that might help out your situation.

Solution #1
We Buy And Close Quickly

We will make any necessary repairs, pay closing costs, handle all the paper work, and make all the arrangements. When we come to an agreement on price and terms, we can close within just a few short days.

Advantages To You...

*Your House Is Sold*
*Debt Relief/No Payments To Make*
*Saves Your Credit*
*No Hassle Sale*
*Quick Closing*
*Free to move on*
*Possibly saves some equity*
*We can evict problem tenants if necessary*
*No having to keep your home clean and show repeatedly to "tire kickers"
*No having to wait for someone to qualify for a mortgage*
*A quick sale in a slow real estate market
*We can close as quick or as far out as you need

Whats "the catch"?  Well, as investors we have to be able to make a profit to stay in business.  So our offer is going to be somewhat lower than on the open market for sure.  Remember, on the open  market you have to pay a 6-7% realtors commission, 3-4k of closing costs, plus wait for it to sell while showing it repeatedly, then selling for below asking price.  And don't forget the cost of your repairs.  Your net will always be way below your asking price, but you usually don't know exactly what it will be till closing.  Our way you know exactly what your "net" will be.  But is is all a trade off of how much you want to sell.  Give us a call or submit on the web site and we will openly discuss all your options, even if we don't buy we will give our honest opinion.

So say you could list on the open market for $100k with a realtor.  Here is your actual  net:
- 5000    Actual sell price $95k
- 6000    Realtors 6% commission
- 4000    Closing costs paid by seller
- 3000    Repair costs - variable
- 2000    Cost to carry property for 3 months
$80,000 Actual net - if repairs are light

We would probably offer you $70-75k, which nets you a little less, but you know you have a  sale and don't have to go through the hassle and uncertainty of repairing, listing, and showing.  Plus in this market, homes are taking an average of six to nine months to sell.  What would that do to your plans?

Solution #2
We Buy Then Sell to Another Investor
This is an excellent program if you have some equity in your property, but not enough for us to buy it outright.  We agree to a sales contract with a net price to you and a closing date.  We then send out a detailed email to our extensive list of 60 investors who regularly buy properties in Atlanta.  Usually within a day or two an investor agrees to buy, and we assign our rights in the purchase contract to them, so that they close with the exact same terms as we already agreed to.  The net to you is the same, but it gives a better chance of selling. 

Advantages To You...

* The advantages to you are all of the ones from Option #1 PLUS:

* You can sell if you have less equity
*  More options to sell to

    Don't worry if it sounds a little complicated, it is really very simple and nothing will happen unless you are perfectly comfortable.  We always leave our sellers feeling good at the end of the transaction.

If you decide to do business with us, we will explain everything to your satisfaction. We may also be able to create a new solution to fit your individual needs. When we buy, we will arrange all of the paperwork/details....Attorneys, Lendors, Title Research, Termite Letter, etc.

All inquiries are confidential.
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